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Winged Wonder

Winged Wonder

There’s a nip in the air, the melodies voice of Frank Sinatra is soon going to fill this season with Christmas Carols, and I am going to get a lot of presents! Oh yeah! I’m talking Christmas baby! Speaking of which, the best part about Christmas apart from the presents is the food. No Christmas celebration is complete without a plethora of mouth-watering savoury and sweet dishes anointing the grand dining table. And if you happen to be in a family of foodies, what can I say, well… seeing the spread, you might even start believing in Santa Claus!

As a family, we make sure, wherever in the world we happen to be, we come together for Christmas. And the ladies of the house spend happy hours in the kitchen, dishing out one wonder after another! Now please, before you get all feminist on me and yell, “WHY, WHY, WHY JUST THE LADIES, THE MEN TOO SHOULD SHARE THE BURDEN!”, let me just clarify, that the men in our house are extremely efficient when it comes to making cocktails and also, making sure that an endless supply of the same flows to the kitchen! Now you know what I mean by happy hours!

While on the subject of happy hours, you know, the one place that makes me feel really special during those hours, is the Hard Rock Café, in Lower Parel, Mumbai. First of all, they have AMAZING food and even better cocktails, secondly, my husband and me have spent so many evenings there (yeah, let’s just say, we could have been investors there, but then we drank and ate it all up), that the staff almost fusses over us. It sure does feel like Christmas every single time.

So, this Christmas, I thought I’d pay a tribute to the Hard Rock Café. Okay stop, before you clutch your hands to your heart and think I am going there with plates full of food to feed the tired souls, let me clarify, NO, I’m not. Now before you judge me, I am a good soul, and know the people there work through most festivals, but hey, the good pay and hefty tips make it all worthwhile. For God’s sake, I’d take the job only if they hired me! But enough about why they don’t hire me (another story for another day!). I thought this time round the Christmas feast would be blessed by the holy chicken wings they make at Hard Rock.

Before I make you go all “WOW the chef shared the recipe with you!”, let me clarify, unn NO! But I have been a cook for ages now, and can almost always taste a dish and know how to recreate it. I’m talented (and not so modest), I know! And as one of the Christmas presents, for all you ardent followers, lovers and haters (Oh sure there will be some, but I am just spreading joy and cheer this month, I’ll deal with the haters next year!), I have for you this wonderful recipe of the yummiest chicken wings that you could ever have and served with a mighty cheese sauce, that sure will make you the guiding star of the dining table.  So here goes…


For the chicken wings

Chicken wings (obviously) – 20nos

Dark soy sauce – 150ml

Dark vinegar – 30ml

Chilli powder – 3tbsp

Garlic (minced) – 4tbsp

Honey – 90ml

Spring onions (finely chopped) – 3tbsp

Oil – 3tbsp

For the cheese sauce

Cream Cheese – 50gms

Fresh Cream – 4tbsp

Spring onions (chopped) – 3tbsp


  • The previous day, whisk all the ingredients for the marinade (except the wings) for about 7 to 10 mins. Use a manual whisk or a fork and beat it well. Also, get the kids to do this. Helps, trust me.
  • Now once the marinade is well combined, pour it on the chicken wings, massage well, until the wings are coated with the luscious marinade, cling film it and refrigerate. The easy part of this recipe is, most of this can be made by getting the kids to help. So, it’s almost like they made it, but you know better!
  • After having marinated it for a minimum of 12 hours, (or more), take a thick bottomed pan, and tip the entire marinated deliciousness.
  • Cook on a medium heat until the wings are nice and coated with the gooey sauce.
  • It is ready to serve. Takes about 25 to 30 minutes to get done, but, other than occasionally stirring, there’s not much you have to do.

For the cheese sauce

This is so easy and so delicious, you will actually send me a holiday card for this!

  • Whisk the cream cheese, again the kids will do an extremely enthusiastic job of this!
  • Once done (about 5 to 8 minutes), add the cream and whisk again for 3 to 5 minutes until nice and soft. Now, it may seem like I am quite the delegator, but on an emotional level, imagine your kids could actually go ahead and execute all these steps, and they would enjoy it, and you could indulge them with clicking Instagram pictures and getting multiple likes! (Yes, I get the digital age, or I’d be writing all of you, individual letters, right?).
  • After the whisking process, just add the finely chopped spring onions to the mixture, and evenly fold in. Done.

So actually, with minimal effort and just a little smart thinking, you can come up a beautiful platter of delectably and perfectly spiced, and sticky chicken wings. So, while I continue to be your recipe Santa, enjoy this festive season, and look forward to a lot more recipes where you can include your kids, and make a mark with. Obviously, follow me on Facebook and Instagram, and keep the happy thoughts coming. Until next time then…

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