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Super Summer Suppers

Super Summer Suppers

When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to lead an adult life. I’m sure most of us did. But, little did we know. Along with the many responsibilities that hit during the journey of adulthood, the loss of summer holidays punched me the hardest. 2 whole months of all play and no work. Man, those were the days. The sweltering heat didn’t matter, neither did the sun burns. All that mattered was the nonchalant, carefree life, garnished with icy, sweet, creamy and joyfully drippy ice cream!

Since I was never ever allowed ice creams during any other season, summers were my drool season.  This was also the time my mother exuded her most peaceful side since she didn’t have to go through the task of trying to stuff food down my throat, because I pretty much survived on ice cream. Mango dolly, my go to ice cream always was and still is my favourite. Apart from that, the other dessert that ranked high on my ‘holiday bucket list’ was cassata ice cream. I’m sure most of you would have had a generous slice of cassata ice cream at some point in your life. Divine vanilla ice cream and strawberry ice cream, layered between soft slices of sponge cake and doused in a nutty and rich chocolate sauce! Wow! A slice of this indulgence was a complete meal for me. Spoilt as you may think I was, my parents were happy I ate at least something without throwing a tantrum. 

Over the years, I grew out of this delicious treat (I still love a mango dolly once a while). I grew more conscious about the synthetic textures of store bought ice creams. The more I read the ingredients (at the back of the pack), the more I began to veer away. That led me thinking of alternate and fulfilling methods to make and eat ice creams. So, I thought, why not give you guys a sneak peek into my world of not so guilty pleasures. Trust me, you would love for your kids to have these ice creams summer, rains or winters; and your kids will relish these simply easy but delicious home-made ice creams.

  • The basic ice cream

As promised, this is literally a cake walk. To make a basic ice cream, all you need is frozen bananas and honey. Yup, you read right. Chop and freeze bananas for about 8 hours. Now in a blender, add the frozen bananas and honey to taste. Blend away until smooth. Done. Freeze for another couple of hours and serve. This is the healthiest ice cream ever, and mark my words, your kids will lap it up without complain.

Add flavours to this as you please. Add some cocoa powder for chocolate ice cream, some praline for butterscotch, blend along with frozen berries for a berry blast, or add chopped nuts and go nutty. The creativity is yours’ to explore.

  • Home- made cassata ice cream

For this, we’re going to need 2 flavours of ice cream vanilla and strawberry. So, make a basic ice cream using the above recipe. Just add a dash of vanilla extract and blend to make a luscious vanilla ice cream. Now for the strawberry, blend 2 parts frozen bananas and one part frozen strawberries along with 1/4th cup condensed milk. Take a store-bought sponge cake (or bake one yourself), cut it into 3 equal layers (from base to the top). On the bottom layer, spread a generous helping of the strawberry ice cream, cover with the next layer and spread the
vanilla ice cream. Cover with the top layer. Freeze for ½ an hour.

To make the chocolate ganache, take 2 parts cooking chocolate and one part cream, melt over a double boiler and add chopped nuts to the ganache. Pour the mixture over the ice cream layered sponge and freeze for about an hour. Cut and serve.

  • La la lolly

This slurrrpy delight is fresh, easy and super healthy. Take 3 frozen ripe mangoes and ½ a cup of hung curd. Blend together with a dash of honey and 1tsp lime juice. You could also add a hint of rock salt or chaat masala for that extra smack. Pour it into kulfi or ice lolly moulds and freeze for an hour. After an hour, de-mould them and lick away!

There you go, a few deliciously healthy ways to get your children to eat fruits without qualms. Get creative with your kids. Explore the various flavours with them. Re-live your childhood memories and make some with your kids. Simple joys and memories to see them through adulthood maybe!

All pictures courtesy @adityaparwatkar

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