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Summer and the anvil…

Summer and the anvil…

It’s the summers and well, holidays. While your kids love it, you also hate it because they are going to be in your face 24/7. And if you don’t want it, subscribe to my blog and let me tell you how to keep them busy.

So, when I was a kid my mommy and my grandma, dreaded summer holidays. Because on one such holiday, I painted my bedroom with nail polish. Yes, my friend and me were left to our own resort, while my grandma was asleep. She thought we were harmless little elves. Little did she know. We took a stool, stepped into my mom’s dresser, and picked up all the bottles of nail polish we could. And then, instead of painting our nails, we painted the walls!

When my grandma woke up, she had to be driven to the emergency room, because the green walls were tainted!!

That said, here’s a way to keep the brat like me, or unlike me busy this summer. Sure you’re going to have to help some, but, trust me you can keep them busy with these.

Now when my parents and grandparents were tired of me, they made me boil eggs. YES, they did, and you know why, because I always stared at the damn patiala with the eggs. I don’t know why, but I did. And all I got was boiled eggs with random seasoning. Now that I’ve grown up (I think so), I want to take the child trouble to another level and make it worth while. Don’t let them stare at a pot of boiling water, but make them make the most of it. Check this out. Don’ tmake them read it,  ‘cause they might just hate me……


Eggs – 4 nos

Water – to boil eggs



Chilli powder

Cheddar cheese – ½ cup

Cream – 2 tbsp

Butter – 1 tbsp (melted)

Chives – 4tbsp (finely chopped)

For garnish

Red bell pepper

Black olives

Green olives


Now see, this recipe will make your kids work. Don’t feel guilty about it, my mom never did. And I grew up to be just fine. Not perfect, but fine! So here goes…

  • Hard boil the eggs
  • Now de shell them and cut them into half vertically.
  • Take out the yolks and whip it with all the ingredients.
  • Season the egg whites with salt and pepper and pipe the whipped mixture into the cavity of the egg whites.
  • Decorate with the garnish and eat.

See, I told you a baby could do this!

But here are the tips for amateurs:

  • Now this is a tip I have acquired from a distant aunt-in-law in Kerala. She has a bunch of grandkids who typically hate food that’s at home, and has devised a method to make boiled eggs in a jiffy. Place the boiled eggs in a pressure cooker, add water and salt and let it cook for 2 whistles. Done.
  • Always, always season from at least a feet high.
  • Other than boiling the eggs, get your kids to do all the work, including grating the cheese.

So, if you think, your kids can get the better of you, say to them meh he heeeeennnn… but while you’re at that follow me on Facebook and Instagram, and who knows, I might just leave my property to your kids! (I’m Joking).

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