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Really Luxuriously Organic – Been to Cob 5 yet?

Really Luxuriously Organic – Been to Cob 5 yet?

Confused and intrigued? I hoped that is what the title would do to you. Now this is a blog, where I write about all things I love, primarily food and places I completely adore, and I am pretty sure you would too. So, if anything, the title more than does justice to what you are about to read on about.

A couple of my friends had a farmhouse, a dream, and the will to work hard to make their dreams come true. And thanks to their perseverance and hard-work, we now have, what we know as Cob 5.            A fairly humble resort, that caters to much more than just a lazy weekend. Why you ask? Well, allow me to enlighten you.

What started out as a “We want to do more with the place”, they had and let in more people to enjoy the serene and unadulterated goodness that the place had to offer, which soon, turned into an obsession. Organically built and furnished with eco-friendly modern-day furnishings and equipment, each of these houses have a certain character and a warm embrace that they have to offer.

Situated not very far from Mumbai, in Bordi (yes, for all of us who look for weekend getaways and never find one, this comes as a blessing in disguise.), it takes you about a couple of hours to get there and step into a world of calm, serene and pristine untouched nature. A haven for anyone looking to get away from the noise, or from the pressures of just getting away from it, or someone like me just wanting to enjoy some alone space with my better half, in a beautiful setting that is not my house (or couch), pocket friendly, and an experience to remember; head to Cob 5 now!

Nestled in, on a 2 acre plot in Dahanu, Cob 5 is the perfect getaway for some pampered alone time. You can head there with your family, or as a couple, or just by yourself to experience a rustic, yet luxuriously connected stay, with all things good and with the most fabulous people, taking care of you. Trust me, it is the best of both worlds. You have fully technologically equipped cottages (don’t expect Spock to show up though. That would be taking it too far!), with a beautiful and serene garden that comes with every cottage, and, for the water baby in you, you can soak in the pool, and in the true sense, chill out without having to work hard for it, or in perspective, sell your kidneys for an invigorating experience.

When it comes to weekend getaways or just getaways, we don’t want to do the regular stuff like making your own coffee, but imagine this, a breakfast spread that could be eggs made to order, with a side of a delicious spread of, well, spreads, with toast. A bowl of assorted fruits, with freshly squeezed juices and maybe a TO DIE FOR, customised veg or non-veg breakfast with an unlimited supply of coffee or tea, as you desire. While on the subject of breakfast, let me tell you, that the salted caramel spread is an absolute personification to sex on toast. I mean you just can’t have enough of it! It is So So Delicious. Really, I am a cook, but if I was to die of all things brilliant, this would be one of those.

Now let’s get to the part where you indulge yourselves, the lunch and the dinner, the menu boasts and delivers on items that you would give your right arm and leg for, just to experience the culinary delight that it is. A glimpse at the lunch menu, you have, fresh paneer and super fresh fish with a healthy missi roti and rice for the ones who don’t care about the diet, followed by a new dessert each week. I mean, come on, who has a meal without dessert.

And if that is not enough, the dinner menu is all set to stir those culinary juices. What with the Goat’s cheese salad, and the grilled fish and the flavour packed lasagne, followed by a dessert laced with vanilla and baked to perfection (yeah, I am not going to divulge too many culinary details, because, you HAVE TO go experience it by yourself). Oh my god, I am in food heaven already.

But if that is not your style, or your dietician has advised otherwise, you can also head to the live barbeque. It’s healthy, it’s succulent and it is genuinely delicious. And there you have it, just a sumptuous meal with all your dietary requirements in check, all taken care of. And you know what works? It’s a simple fact, all of those luxuries are included in your holiday package. Yeah, I’m not kidding (about these things, I never do). Sounds too good be true right? But it is.

Well you know, if you’re staying there for a long haul, you might not want all of that exotic cuisine every day. But, you do have an option, you can get custom made food, to titillate your palate and your culinary requirements. Also, Cob 5 doesn’t serve alcohol, not a bummer really. Because if you have a leftover bottle of alcohol, that you would like to carry on your holiday, they won’t refuse you. In fact, Cob 5 will give you some kickass mixers like freshly procured neera and the likes, to make your slurrpy experiences reach the pinnacle.

Every morning, neera is sourced from the palm trees that grow on the property, and you can decide to take a sip, or a gulp, or an entire glassful of this deliciousness at anytime you please. A word of advice, whatever you do, don’t ever, ever skip breakfast here. Because, this is what a good life is made of.

All that taken into account, I urge you to visit Cob 5 and experience it for yourselves, because no amount of reviews can do justice to this resort. It’s built purely on passion, and serves the most awesome food, again, because all heart. And the owners, are the best hosts you can ever encounter.

So, if you need to head for a holiday over the weekend, spend some time with yourself, or want to head to a calm surrounding where you are at peace with yourself, and need the time and the space to discover yourself, head to Cob 5. They don’t rip you off, they just get you going, and I cross my heart they do!

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. This is written from the heart and from sheer experience. Also, because I know the Gaziyani’s who own this place (and I love them), I know they are the bestest in the mostest. Also, because they are the most wonderful and hardworking couple I have ever known, I hope you can love and experience their hospitality as I have.

Here go the links and details you need for this fabulous experience:

Cob 5: Gholvad, 14 kms from Dahahu, 120 kms from Mumbai (Dahisar), 2 kms away from Bordi beach.

Contact Details:

Mobile no.: +91 9870046245, +91 9821046245




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