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Baked India – The Fusion Desserts Club

Baked India – The Fusion Desserts Club

All of you who read my blog and sort of know me, know that I am a sucker for fusion food. Fusion food of all kinds inspires me, makes me think harder for my recipes and never fails to amaze and delight me. And let me tell you, I have a huge sweet tooth, and fusion desserts are right up my alley. I also have immense respect for people who can create impeccable fusion desserts that hit the right note and have the right balance of flavours. One such creator is Divisha Bhalla.

Let me tell you a bit about this incredible woman. Divisha is a queen of fusion desserts in her own right. As an individual, I respect her because, not only did she overcome various obstacles that came her way, but, she also turned those obstacles into opportunities and truly set an example. Divisha is the pioneer of Baked India – a fusion dessert club, which specialises in keeping the essence of the core dessert and adding a twist to it that definitely would make you go WOW! You can check it out here:

A couple of days back I was introduced to her via a common friend, and she invited me to taste a few of her festive creations. Boy OH Boy! While I can’t thank her enough for inviting me to taste, the smashing flavour of those decadent desserts still linger on my palette.  Being the head chef, creator and innovator at Baked India, Divisha ups her game every festive season with delicious fusion desserts that satisfy your craving for the much loved mithaais and also satiate your drooling for desserts from around the world; all in one decadent dessert. Having tasted her creations, I have to tell you, the flavours and the balance are spot on. Let me enlighten you about a few of her creations this festive season.

The Delicious Chocolate Modaks

What can I say, complete justice to modaks, but with a nice little fillings in each. The white chocolate with cotton candy, brings about a memory of childhood, without being too overpowering. The modaks with the coconut filling, are like biting into a Bounty bar that married a chocolate modak. It’s yummity yum yum! The dry fruit filled chocolate modaks, are a league of their own. The texture of almonds and pistachios, against the smoothness of chocolate, make it a perfect dessert for Ganpati Bappa. Now these modaks are available in a mix and match of flavours and chocolate combinations. Now come on, get creative, there are 3 kinds of chocolates i.e. dark, white and milk. You know what the best deal about Baked India is? Divisha, will help you mix and match favours based on your preference. So, you can choose your favourite kind of chocolate with a customised filling, which includes: coffee, blueberry, passion fruit, raspberry and pan; and curated fillings like motichoor, coconut, caramel, cotton candy, mango and mixed dry fruits. So, go on, Order for your favourite modaks with your custom fillings, and trust me you will be the star of the festive season.

Kalakand Truffles

I am not a fan of kalakand, but Divisha managed to convert me. Fresh crumbed cottage cheese, white chocolate and condensed milk with a lot of pistachios, dipped in dark chocolate and rolled with pistachio powder, Oh My God, complete justice to any fusion dessert. I loved this one and for anyone who wants to go zig with the regular festive favourites, this one is for you.

Gulab Jamun Cheesecake

Next up is a dessert we all as Indians can’t live without. The humble gulab jamun. But, when you want to give an extra edge to your party, the regular gulab jamun is not going to make the cut. Enter the Gulab Jamun Cheesecake. Giving the usual cheesecake an Indian flavor by mixing it up with mini gulab jamuns, this sweet delicacy with a hint of salt, is a perfect dessert for your guests this festive season. Because, if gulab jamun, and cheesecake, were to have a baby, they would be proud of this one. Perfect balance of flavours. Not too sweet, not too sour, not too heavy, but true to all the gulab jamuns and cheesecakes all at once. I suggest if the theme of your party is Indian fusion, this one does complete justice. You have GOT TO TRY IT!

Motichoor Pannacotta 

A wonder in itself. The traditional motichoor with an evolved flavour profile of nutmeg and cardamom coming together with a dash of vanilla, to keep the balance of the taste, is what the motichoor panacotta is all about. If you don’t try it, you are missing out on the deliciousness that life offers. It has just the right sweetness, with just the right creaminess, with just the right textures. This is a sure hit in your parties.

Paan Mousse

This one is like the Cheetah in the dark. The best of the lot, and you, if you are confused as to, ‘mukhwass doon ya meetha,’ this one nails it. It’s the most refreshing dessert of all, and pssst, pssst, it also does the job of a nice meetha paan, without being too meetha.

So, while I have reviewed Divisha’s awesome desserts, trust me, she did not pay me to say nice things about her. She means business, and her greatest joy lies in seeing you happy making your guests happy, with a sweet tooth. So, place your orders at:

So you people of the world, if you want an alternate to your regular dessert, or your neighbourhood cakewala bhaiyya is not listening to you, Divisha is all ears. She will not just make your occasion special, but will also not take credit for it, and revel in the glory. For order get in touch with her at: +91-9029225543. And follow Baked India on Facebook at, and on Instagram @ .We always look forward to hearing from you!

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