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Strawberries and cherries are classic mood lifters and never go out of fashion. Not many can resist the naughtiness of strawberries along with its sweet and sour flavours that can brighten up a gloomy day. The same goes for cherries; shiny, bright little bunches of joy that could lighten up the grumpiest of moods.

While these berries are wild, and have a mind of their own, they require care and a lot of nurturing to ensure the turn out to be sweet, bold and confident clusters of joy, with a personality of their own. That, makes them special.

The detailing and care needed to help them grow with that hint of perfection, is akin to that required to raise a beautiful mind. Sure, this generation is looked at, as one that is growing up to be independent with a mind of their own, but the nurturing and care and pruning required to condition them to grow up to be beautiful minds and self-assured individuals, lies in the efforts taken and the lessons imparted in the formative years of their early lives. This in turn will make them self-sufficient, self-reliant and confident about taking care of themselves.

This blog is not to advise parents how to raise their kids, but it is a guide to help parents groom their kids with the necessity of survival; viz, FOOD. Food, that is garnished with stories, legends and experiments we have grown up with, survived and relished.

While I have no kids, a lot of my friends, acquaintances and well, generally people I know, have kids, and the biggest problem they face with their kids is, food choices. Since most of them are working parents, they would love a guide to food that they could maybe pre-prepare and their kids could put together, or something that their kids could dish up themselves.

But that said, we have grown up with tales and triumphs of every culinary experimentation and now it’s time for us to make most of it and give it a twist of sorts that the kids would love and our grand and great grand moms would be proud of.

So, here’s to cooking along with kids. While keeping to our roots, we are going to simplifying and modernise recipes to keep up with the changing times. This blog is all about taking good, old, traditional food, and making it your own!

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